Let's raise this Universal Love, Light and Consciousness up a few notches, let's dissolve the borders, impressions, labels, untruths, wrong conditioning, and programming. Let us all leave life as we know it and enter the vortex of the New Earth. Out of the Grid of the Mind and Into the Conscious Matrix of Universal Consciousness. Here on This Treasured Life, we're passionate about conscious living, meditation, and spirituality. And we're on a mission to bring the enlightened life to everyone. It means joining a community of like-minded spiritualists and lightworkers enthusiasts.

Relax, put on a stereo headphones and let your mind integrate with the binaural beat frequency to create real measurable changes in your body and mind. There are direct benefits of using these frequencies such as the creation of...

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Learning your soul name in this deep trance journey will help you to discover and manifest your best passion, purpose, and motivation for living your best life.

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