To accomplish an awakening, one might have to go into deep meditation. Others might suggest a different technique though. It is still meditation but more of an involved observation. Observing the inner operations of your mind carefully would be a different method but can be as reliable as meditation.

Being a 3rd party observer to your ideas could be an excellent exercise of separating yourself from your own thoughts which can result in knowing who you indeed are. You might find this idea a little various or perhaps outwardly weird. But still, there’s no damage in trying though because you’re in the mode of understanding yourself, giving multiple means or methods a shot is not that bad.

How To Control Your Thoughts

The human brain procedures between 11-60K thoughts daily. The mind is always buzzing about something. And regrettably, most of the ideas are repetitive from the past, afraid of the future or merely absolute rubbish. How many of these thoughts do you think we understand? The majority of the repeated thoughts are on automatic; configured into […]

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Am I Spiritual?

Remember the moment and keep paying attention to that. It will be your base for your meditation. Always keep in mind to leave everything behind and continuously pay attention to the moment. I might have stated this over and over again. If you all of a sudden found yourself drifting from your meditation, go back to that moment where you are at peace. Just be there at that moment and do not stress if you’re doing everything right or incorrect.

You don’t think about past achievements, former employment, the days throughout those college years, and all that things throughout the meditation. You consider today, you believe why you exist right now. You observe what you are at that moment and knowledge may come quickly to some or might spend some time to others. You may need more perseverance and keep trying to get something out of the exercise.


Believing truthfully that a specific level of awakening is possible is unquestionably something that you need to accept initially. One must look deep down into oneself and acknowledging your drawbacks and problems and identifying how they can relate to you and your environment.

As you discover more of yourself, seize the day to understand truth too. Place yourself on the planet you live in and see how you associate with it given all the things that you found out about yourself so far. Obtaining an awakened spirit comes from understanding the nature of the world and how you respond to it and how you can impact it.

What Spiritual Awakening Can Do For You

“The goal in being Spiritually Awakened is to get to that place where you are completely relaxed, where nothing, including your mind, interferes.”

  • You will start to feel better with yourself and with your surroundings.
  • You will begin finding the best out of a scenario and not feeling depressed or angry all the time.
  • You will become more patient, and you can connect with other people more now. And not just that, however, you will find that you have a much better understanding of your own consciousness.
  • You will find that not only your physique become healthier but your entire psychological and spiritual state have actually grown to some extent.

Even if you do not see anything, you are aware that you exist. That is very comparable to what we prepare to do during a mediation process.

Okay, I do hope I am not complicating things nor making things unclear. The reality is, spiritual awakening cannot be explained by simple words or in my case, series of paragraphs. It is more than only words, it is more than just an experience. The essential thing is that what spiritual awakening can do to you is more than you can wish for.

Thank you for reading 🙂