Even when you feel as though you are entirely alone, there are Divine Companions who are always with you. Before your incarnation, they selected to accompany you through your lifetime- from the minute of your very first breath- up until your last.

Spirit Guides are highly evolved beings that have finished the cycle of birth and death in the physical plane and are now acting as instructors and guides to further raise their vibrations. They are as “real” as you are- they are merely vibrating at another level and reside in another plane of existence.

They work to guide you by working through your dreams and intuition. That quiet voice you hear is often the voice of your angels and guides. They might also make themselves known to you through signs and symbols. For me, when I am at a crossroads in my life or journeying through a personal or emotional challenge – I find feathers all over. I likewise see feather tattoos, hawks and hear particular songs. It is a pointer for me to be still and listen to the assistance of my own personal guides. The feathers are representative of the energy of my guides- one being an active Shaman and the others are from the Angelic Realm.

Some people have one guide, and others have multitudes – much of this depends on the path and purpose of your life. For example, a teacher/professor may have several guides- one to guide them through the scholastic nature of their occupation and others to assist them with the terrific psychological requirements of performing such an essential job. A policeman, firefighter, or soldier will often have a “team” of warriors guiding and securing them. Much of who your guides are indicative of your own personal journey through life.

Spirit guide are almost never a loved one who has passed away. Although our loved ones stick with us in spirit and we can call them, they do not serve the very same role as a “spirit guide.” Some individuals have Archangels and Angels as spirit guides who are always with them. Yet, the existence of Angels does not always mean they are your spirit guides.

Angels can be hired times of distress to help you for a brief time. If you have an Archangel or Angel as a guide, chances are your objective in life is a complex one. Through my experience with being a psychic reader and spiritual instructor- I have discovered that people with a challenging life path typically have Angels as spirit guides.

Your guides and angels is continuous with you, whether you acknowledge their presence or not. You can not call them to you or send them away- they are part of you and your journey. However, you can choose to gain the knowledge of who they are and what their function in your life is. You can engage with your spirit guides more proactively. If you wish to know who your guides are, just ask.

Get in a peaceful and meditative space and ask that they reveal themselves to you. Do not get discouraged if you do not figure it out right away. Beings from the spirit realm typically interact through signs and symbols. As soon as you ask- you need to trust your own wisdom. Focus on the images that appear in your mind. If you see a human form – stay with that- it might be he is a thinker or researcher.

You might see a Native American Indian, a Buddhist Monk or you may see nothing at all. Keep your mind and instinct open. Focus on things that keep coming up after you have actually asked that they expose who they are. If you are having an obstacle discovering who they are you can likewise call a professional psychic/intuitive to assist you.

Working with your spirit guides can be an incredible tool for your own personal and spiritual growth. Unlike beings who are in the physical- their wisdom and advice are not influenced by the “world.” They dwell in a higher vibration plane, and the mundane particulars of your situation are not relevant.

For instance- if you seek guidance from your spirit guide regarding a relationship- they will lead you to focus on what you are discovering, what you require to learn, what you are teaching your partner, and what is the real meaning of your relationship. The reality that they leave the toilet seat up or are dreadful at budgeting the family financial resources will be irrelevant.

The information that you will be supplied with will be actions that YOU can require to acquire more understanding. You can likewise ask your Spirit Guides to assist you in physical healing. Before you go to sleep, ask that as you are sleeping- you get recovery.

You are never alone. Never. Take faith in knowing and understanding that there are so much magic and secret in this life. Naturally for a moment let the “world” vanish. Raise your vibration and enable the beautiful presents of spirit wash over you. Life is a lot more than what we see. Open your spiritual eyes and hearts, and you will find a world of love compassion and wisdom that you never knew existed.

Obviously, you can continuously pick to not think. It is still your option. But, why not? Why not step into another level of existence? Why not believe in magic? You do not have to announce it to the workplace; however you can accept the wonders of spirit in your own heart. It will envelop you in a light of love and understanding- and will mysteriously transform you to a more connected and caring being.