Relax, put on a stereo headphones and let your mind integrate with the binaural beat frequency to create real measurable changes in your body and mind.

There are direct benefits of using these frequencies such as the creation of relaxed states, helped sleep and even energy boosts. Although, this is not the limit. It is likewise possible to produce really different states of consciousness like open third eye, remove fear & self doubt, creativity, out-of-body experiences, and meditation enjoy :).

For Best Results Please Wear Headphones

174 hz: Remove Pain

285 hz: Influences Energy Fields

396 hz: Liberates You of Fear & Guilt

417 hz: Facilitates Change

432 hz: Miracle Tone of Nature

528 hz: Repairs DNA

639 hz: Heals Relationships

741 hz: Awaken Intuition (My Favorite)

852 hz: Attracts Soul Tribe

963 hz: Connect With Light & Spirit

Deep Meditation Music For Download